Armillum’s soul is Jorge Mambrilla: craftsman and crazy about Rome’s history. Something that begun as a hobby became an actual job: Rome’s history reconstructor.

In his workshop in Barcelona, Spain, Jorge works on leather, wood, metal… all what is needed to reconstruct a pair of caligae as they were in the real life, a shield as it was used by the legionaries in their battles, a belt, essential piece of the legionary uniform… but that is not all. Jorge has found other craftsmen, crazy as him about Rome’s history, that in different parts of the world manufacture those products that help to complete the great product portfolio of Armillum.

He also has a virtual workshop, Armillum’s website, where besides finding all his products, we will also find fragments of history that mingled within its pages will help us visualize how all those products were used in the real life: not only the legionary life, but also the quotidian life, children, women, cooking, daily hygiene, etc…

Jorge actively participates in several roman associations where he dresses up with clothes that belong to the age that corresponds to each event and where his products and deep knowledge are essential to achieve the necessary atmosphere to make the audience travel throughout the years in the different performances.

His products can be found in roman associations, museums’ shops, TV series, roman celebrations of different towns, “armats” and holy week brotherhoods and, why not, in the living rooms of other “crazy” people about Rome’s history around the World.

Passion, proximity and care are the quality trademarks of Armillum.